Monday, September 21, 2009

Some questions

'As Japan's new ruling party begins to question its military alliance with the U.S., one freshman lawmaker whose personal history reflects the longstanding ties between the two nations is already pressing the issue.'

First question: how can you write an article about Japan's military 'alliance' with the United States without mentioning once how it came to be?

Second question: how can you write an article about Japan's military, without mentioning the Japanese constitution which expressly limits the country to spending 1% or less of its GDP on its armed forces?

Third question: what does this half-Jap half-American MP have to do with squit?

Fourth question: Japan is occupied by the United States. Wouldn't it have to therefore grovel on bended knee for US bases to be removed? Rather than say, demand?

This shit-for-brains Japanese MP needs to crack open a few history books, starting with the ones about the glories of the Japanese empire. Start with the Rape of Nanking, is my suggestion.

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