Friday, September 18, 2009

When blogs go mad

'TIME Magazine’s David Von Drehle asks: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America?

I don’t know why anyone would think a far right populist demagogue who rants and weeps in front of millions of people and spreads conspiracy theories straight out of the canon of the John Birch Society would be a bad thing.'

Little Green Footballs used to be a tolerably useful blog. There was the excellent work on the fake George W Bush Air National Guard documents, and on the Palestinian fauxtography. Always perceptible just off stage was the the towering ego of Charles Johnson, sole owner and proprietor. Once people began name-checking his blog on the national scene, he became convinced of his own genius and inordinately proud of his lizardoid army, the fanatical followers of his mimblings on LGF. From the beginning, Johnsons pronouncements were always stentorian and didactic, bombastic and without nuance.

His work is subject to wild changes of direction seemingly un-anchored in principle or evidence. Once a wild change of direction occurs, Johnson can be heard railing with equal bombast AGAINST something he very recently was FOR. The only really important thing in LGF-world is the Solomonic judgement of Charles Johnson. Once he has adjudged, the lizardoids must follow like the lemmings they are. Or be cast out.

His latest judgement is that the world is full of fascists. Anti-islamist in Britain? Fascist. Anti-stimulus spending in America? Fascist. Anti-healthcare reform in America? Fascist. Tea Party participants? Fascist. Watch Glenn Beck? Fascists. Don't approve of Obama foreign policy? Fascist. Fascists fascists everywhere. Charles Johnson can sniff out a fascist from thousands of miles away, and with no credible evidence. Apparently, there is a narrow way, extremely narrow, along which a person can walk politically, without being damned by Charles Johnson as a fascist or an extremist.

Its rather pitiful to watch. As Johnsons ego inflates to ever more comical proportions, his screeching denunciations become more and more bizarre. Its like Muamar Gaddafi has a blog. Sad really.

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