Monday, September 07, 2009

We don't want THAT Turkey

'France, Germany and Austria are among the countries that object to Turkey having full membership of the EU, proposing instead a privileged partnership.

The report says a vicious circle has developed.

"Fierce opposition from some European politicians combined with growing public resistance to further EU enlargement in turn has deepened resentment in Turkey and slowed the necessary reforms," the report says.

It acknowledges that some serious obstacles remain to Turkish membership - not least, the impasse over the divided island of Cyprus.

Solving that frozen conflict would boost Turkey's membership bid - but the commission warns that talks are running short of time.'

Why are the accession talks running short of time? What process is ticking down?

About four years ago, you might have seen this film, but only if you were REALLY, REALLY hard up for things to do. Apparently, millions and millions of Turks are really hard up for something to do. Turkey, once cresting a wave of secular modernisation is now heading for over-populated islamist backwater at breakneck speed. Never underestimate the power is islam to ruin perfectly good country.

The idea of one hundred million ignorant, pissed off islamists safely ensconced inside the EU is one that should worry even the dullest and most spineless of Guardian readers. I'm not sure exactly what it is about islam that dumbs down a society and turns the populace into lazy, useless, resentful killers, but its track record is there for all who are interested to see. Islam is fundamentally contrary to modern life in free secular societies. Trying to mix it for the sake of economics or even worse political correctness is just downright irresponsible.

We don't want to join up with the real Turkey- the one retreating back into its awful, forgettable past. Last time Turkey was the location of the caliphate, 1.5 million Christian Armenians died. Thats why Turkey is 99% muslim- they killed all the people who weren't. And it is increasingly common for Christians in Turkey to find themselves on the end of summary injustice of one kind or another. Google 'turkey attacks Christians' if you don't believe me. Remember, long before muslims were a murderous twinkle in some arabs eye, Asia minor was the first place to get Christian missionaries. Muslims lands? Pah.

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