Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not just the old right versus left yawnathon

'A growing protest movement on the small-government right is remarkable development. As we've noted many times in the past, the left has had an extensive protest culture and infrastructure for decades. The right, with the exception of abortion opponents, had nothing of the sort until this year.'


I don't think this is quite right. I think its even more astonishing than the WSJ would have it- I don't think this movement is of the right necessarily. It is a movement of the centre. Not all of it- some of it is quite obviously conservative and right-wing, but the centre-of-gravity of this movement, its major component, is the centre of American life. To my eye, they are the working stiffs who never read the political stories in the paper, never gave politics a second thought (until very recently), voted out of a sense of civic duty rather than partisan animus, and spent the vast majority of their time working hard, being good members of their community and doing normal stuff with their families. To get THOSE people off their sofas and out into the street is to my knowledge unprecedented.

It is a testament to how NOT NORMAL the things Obama is trying to shove down Americas collective throat are. He has no sense of it. But then, he is a stranger to America, the America I saw, lived in, lived around. Huntsville, Alabama, where I spent five years, is the 100th largest city in the United States. About 250,000 people working mainly for two employers, NASA and the US Army Missile Command. Many of the rest worked in the cluster of high tech industries that feed work into NASA and the military. It is split about fifty fifty Democrat and Republican, but really most people don't give much of a crap about partisan politics. They are, however, extremely patriotic and civic-minded in the old school way. Its a good place to see the America that never ever shows up in the Hollywood movies- normal, hard-working, Christian and very much happy to be itself.

These are the people I see at the Tea Party events, the town hall meetings and now at this huge march in Washington. They are not defined by party but by love of country, normality and a deep-seated appreciation of what America is. And by God they aren't going to let some sleek, smug hippy destroy what America is so he can write something on his resume. I am certain that the brighter Dems are just starting to get a nauseous feeling in the pit of their stomachs. What is going on right now is NOT the business-as-usual right versus left. If it were, there would be little to be nervous about. This is much worse than that.

The centre of American politics has woken up, and decided to take the wheel from the perpetual teenager who accidentally won the White House gig. They understand he is just too immature and can do too much harm without even knowing what he has done. A force of this magnitude will do what it wants- if you don't believe me just wait!

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