Monday, October 12, 2009

Everybody else catches up...

'Whether it’s the loose confederation of Washington-oriented groups that have played an organizational role or the state-level activists who are channeling grass-roots anger into action back home, tea party forces are confronting the Republican establishment by backing insurgent conservatives and generating their own candidates — even if it means taking on GOP incumbents.'

'...even if it means taking on GOP incumbents'? Where the pucking puck have these people been? Exactly taking on GOP incumbents- and Democrat incumbents. In fact, incumbents. They are the people who have very largely presided over enormous crises while:

- denying any responsibility
- ignoring huge public anger
- rejecting very specific advice on what worked in similar circumstances in the past
- developing an excruciating style of combined smugness and myopia
- giving every evidence of not being up to the tasks they were sent to DC to do

Given that, most of them will be lucky to have their plush job with four years of now. Their combined approval rating, last time I checked, was 21%. Get ready for your pink slips, people.

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