Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Utterly compromised

'Geologist Bakutbek Ermenbaev points up through the pine trees at the glacier above us in Kyrgyzstan's Alatau mountains.

"That one - called Adigene - has decreased in size by about 20% over the last 50 years," he says.

He adds that a neighbouring glacier, Aksai, has disappeared completely.

Mr Ermenbaev, who works for the government's hydrogeology agency, says global warming is to blame.

And he warns that unless action is taken to reduce this warming, all of Kyrgyzstan's 2,200 glaciers could have melted within a century.'

This article doesn't even try to keep critical distance from Global Warmingism. Here is the concluding paragraph-

'Mr Ermenbaev says that the only long-term solution is to halt global warming, otherwise the mountain landscape could change for ever.'

This is not reporting- these are frightening bedtime stories for children. This is propaganda pure and simple. The constant reiteration of the same bullshit over and over and over and over again, in exactly the same phraseology, is propaganda. It could come right out of 1984. It doesn't matter that the melting, according to the story, started fifty years ago, long before Global Warming was supposed to have taken off. It doesn't matter that global temperatures have not risen for the last ten years. It doesn't matter that evidence for Co2 levels being responsible for global heating have taken significant knocks recently. The same message still comes out of every BBC article, every popular scientific magazine, every psuedo-scientific documentary on the National Geographic channel.

Global Warmingism is now a fully-fledged proto-religion. Its exponents are happy to lie, cheat and threaten on its behalf. They are happy to crucify the non-believers. They have their mantras, and no amount of evidence that they are talking shit can budge their self-righteous hauteur. Fortunately, the fightback, which took a while to get started, is now beginning to flower into something powerful and effective. Many, many people have noted how strong the correspondence is between the goals of Global Warmingism and those of Marxism. Weird that. Especially as many of the 'scientists' and 'politicians' espousing Global Warmingism were just a short while back Marxists.

And as for the BBC- stuffed with Marxists? No, really? Who would have thought!


Sophist said...

"'Mr Ermenbaev says that the only long-term solution is to halt global warming, otherwise the mountain landscape could change for ever'

This is not reporting"

"Mr Ermenbaev says" sure looks like reporting to me.

Edmund Ironside said...

Fifty years ago, there were about five industrialised economies on the planet producing amounts of Co2 on a large scale. That is when Mr Ermenbaev says the glaciers started melting. Did they start melting because they knew that in thirty years time the Chinese and Indian economies would start chunking out vast quantities of Co2? The journalist writing this couldn't pick up on one single contentious thing in the article and sound a sceptical note? I guess he thought it all sounded completely logical and scientific. Maybe his views coincide exactly with Mr Ermenbaevs, and didn't feel any professional duty to put aside those views and retain the scepticism of a journalist whose job requires scepticism. You know, also called objectivity. Not just parroting whatever people tell you, because your news organisation has lost its core values.