Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The gradual demolition of our Nation

'Extremists hijack' military name

The reputation of the armed forces is being tarnished by right-wing political "extremists", a group of former military leaders has warned.

Two former heads of the Army are among those to put their names to a letter accusing "those who seek to hijack the good name of Britain's military".

It does not name the BNP but was issued as part of a campaign against them.

... "We call on all those who seek to hijack the good name of Britain's military for their own advantage to cease and desist. The values of these extremists - many of whom are essentially racist - are fundamentally at odds with the values of the modern British military, such as tolerance and fairness."


I hope to god that the values of the British military are not tolerance and fairness. The job of the military is to kill people as efficiently and effectively as possible without being themselves killed. It is not the Boy Scouts. It isn't a political party. It is not some crappy government bureaucracy. It is a killing machine. If the military is to be successful at its job, it must be intolerant and unfair- cunning and ruthless would be my choices.

I have a very high opinion of the native Englishman. I have a quite low opinion of the natives of very many other nations. By the terms of most lefties and apparently the top Military brass, that makes me a racist. Most people in the world, by this definition, are racists. Including most lefties, if you scratch the surface. Why would a soldier go into battle and risk his life? Mainly because he feels his nation and its native people are worth him risking it. His unit, made up of men like him, becomes his second family. He will often sacrifice his own life to protect or assist his second family. These are real things. The mellifluous multicultural crap being cited by the Generals? Not real.

'And asked if he thought there was support for the BNP among ordinary soldiers, he said: "I sincerely hope not."'

He knows there is. And why not? It is a legitimate political party in a country which still putatively allows freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and freedom to organize political organizations. These generals have every right to criticize the BNP; what they don't have is the right to castigate the BNP on behalf of the Armed Forces. Let every sailor, soldier and airman make up their own mind which political party they want to support. I bet there are far more Labour voters than anything else. I don't remember any far right generals going on the radio to demonise the Labour party and put pressure on military personnel not to vote for it or support it. Yet the Labour party are at least half socialist, a disease which has caused the planet even more harm than its close cousin fascism.

When everybody in political life turn on one political party, demonise it, attempt to expel it from the political process, lie about it and misrepresent it continually to the public, alarm bells should go off in peoples minds. I would say this if it were one of the myriad of tiny Communist parties, or the Transcendental Meditation
National Law Party, or the Labour party. It makes no difference. Deligitimizing a party with which you disagree and trying to have it ousted from the forums of public debate is to fundamentally weaken democracy. The fact that so much of the party politics of Britain is now either socialist or proto-socialist, and the target of the deligitimization is a fascist party should be even more alarming. This is no collaboration of neutrals to eliminate a criminal organisation- it is a collection of partisans desperately trying to rid themselves of a rival; By completely illigitimate means.

There are laws in place in Britain which make certain political views criminal. The BNP are currently under threat from laws banning organisations from discriminating who their membership is based on race, gender and various other factors. Embodying political views in laws is a characteristic of banana republics and tyrannies, not liberal democracies.

My parents, if they were still alive, would not recognise the country they were born into any more.

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