Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What is wrong with this question?

I was watching FOX news yesterday (I know, that makes me an adjunct of the Propaganda Arm of the Republican Party), and there was an interview by Neil Cavuto of a woman from the Tea Party movement in New Jersey. Didn't catch her name sadly. Quick recap of the background: there is a congressional races currently going on there, and a Tea Party independent is going up against the GOP candidate, some Cozzafava woman.

Cavuto's first question: Will you be happy when the Democrat wins because your Tea Party candidate splits the Republican vote?

It was also his second question, third question, fourth question, etc.

What is wrong with this question?

Presumably, anything anywhere ever that threatens an RNC-anointed candidate is at the very least a misdemeanor. It is entirely possible that in the next round of elections in 2010, many hundreds, perhaps thousands of constituencies across America will face exactly this scenario. According to 'mainstream' Republicans like Cavuto, the annoying pleb upstart Tea Party people should shut up and get out of the way. His message: stop interfereing with the political process! The cosy political process with the two big people! The ones who really know what is going on! Just quit tampering with that tried and tested arrangement!

Fact: There will be many more Democrats elected as a result. Whose 'fault' is that? Not that it is very important to assign blame, but almost certainly the main cause will be the massive disconnect between RINO Republican candidates, and the people they supposedly represent. At very long last, many independents and conservative Americans have noticed that their elected representatives hold diametrically opposing views of how the country should be run, in particular in respect of spending taxpayers wealth. According to Neil Cavuto, they should just put up with that, and get down to the voting booth like good children.

I don't think that is going to happen. There is an urgency, a visceral anger and a vivid desire to change things out in the American electorate that has not been there for many a year. Many of those people are not going to vote for their RINO Republican incumbent. That is just the way it is.

Millions of Americans want a party to vote for which is fiscally responsible. Where can they get it from? The rubble of a dying Republican party? A wholly new party? Who really cares? As long as they end up with one to vote for!

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