Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is it the ignorance or the incompetence?

It is just becoming possible to discern a slight detachment of thoughtful Democrats and intellectuals from the Obama bandwagon. Associated Press, which is absolutely riddled with lefty Democrats, has become a little more assertive in pointing out disparities between both executive branch and legislative branch pronouncements, and reality.

The Obama administration are hoping that people will lose interest in where that nearly a trillion dollars of stimulus money went. But even AP understand what that enormous sum represents to taxpayers- the potential for enormous pork and beyond that plain old corruption. These very big stories might have languished three months ago- but like aging athletes the big legacy media organisations are wheezing into action- finally!

Perhaps the sight of Valerie Jarrett, fifth or perhaps sixth most powerful person in the White House, talking about 'speaking truth to power' oblivious to the the unintended comedy, has brought the serious and thoughtful among Democrats up against a sad truth: the current White House occupants are shambolic amateurs, utterly unprepared for the hefty responsibilities they have taken on. They are college radicals for whom banal cliches and slogans occupy the place where sober analysis and judgement reside in real leaders. They are fighting The Man when they ARE The Man. The President is Commander in Chief of the most powerful armed forces in the world. He is the Chief Executive of the worlds richest and most economically powerful country. But his number five wants to speak truth to... Fox News?

I'm not sure how far this slight divergence will go. Many Democrats have an enormous emotional investment in Obama which they will be loathe to give up. And partisan tribalism will quell many an honest public appraisal. Nevertheless, it is significant. It makes much less likely some of the more extreme paths that the current situation could tumble down. And over time I believe it will lead to a coalescence of opinion around a much more realistic appraisal of who Obama is and what the real nature of his administration is in the cold light of day. How that will play out in terms of legislation passed and policies persued its far too early to say. But it adds to the growing scepticism of the American people about the man they elected president such a short time ago.

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