Sunday, October 04, 2009

Not him again

'Political capital is a precious commodity. It is never to be wasted. That’s why many have been questioning whether Obama is making too many media appearances, lessening the importance of each one. And that’s why almost every observer will wonder how the White House got snookered into Olympics-gate—an unnecessary humiliation that will be on the permanent list of losses for this Presidency.' [Hat Tip: Instapundit]

I saw an interview with a Democrat who may possibly have worked at the White House, but I'm not sure. She was being interviewed on Fox about the famous Sunday when Obama did all the weekly politics shows - except Fox. She was asked about whether she thought Obama risked losing some of his sheen due to continuous exposure to people in the press. And she seemed to imply that Obama being constantly in the press, on TV, news shows, magazines, newspapers was their plan. And she was a bit mysterious, like there was some machiavellian aspect to it. Very weird.

And I thought 'What could they possibly gain from Obama becoming so overwhelmingly wall-to-wall omnipresent?'. And I can't think of a single good thing. There is much evidence that Obama already hit the high water mark of his popularity. Amongst adults he has receded enormously in approval. Young kids and college students still love him but then, well, they're young. But eventually everybody will get tired of that dazzling fake smile. If it is thrust into their faces over breakfast, lunch and dinner, eventually people will want a different view.

It is revealing what happened to Obamas famous legions of email-listees. When the Health care tug-of-war was just heating up, the White House sent out millions of emails to the people who had voted for Obama and given an email address. The emails asked people to please go along to their local Town Hall meetings and verbally support the President and his plan (the plan we still don't know about). The response? Absolutely pitiful. A few thousand out of about six million people emailed showed up at a town hall.

Surprising? Not really. The people who supported Obama are lightweights. Not responsible, not perceptive, not experienced and not dependable. Many voted for Obama thinking they were going to get stuff- really, that's the level many of his black supporters were working on. But go to a town hall? What is that, some kind of white man thing? Sounds boring as hell. I ain't going down the wrong end of town to talk to no white idiots about health. Anyway, I'm busy. I'm sure the White House were shocked at the completely deadbeat response. And perhaps got an intimation of mortality. With supporters like that, will they get over any more electoral or political hurdles. Unlikely.

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