Monday, October 12, 2009

Propaganda always has a hard time getting a laugh

'Does SNL [Saturday Night Live] really deserve attention for poking fun at Barack Obama?

Is it that they're doing it at all? Because they are not doing it well!' [Hat Tip: Instapundit]

There was a thin drizzle of discussion about a month after Obama took over about why the late night 'comedy' hosts, Saturday Nigh Live, the Colbert Report and Jon Stewart weren't making any jokes about him. And their almost universal response was that there just wasn't anything about him to make fun of.

Which provoked universal merriment and giddy laughter. After eight years of eviscerating President Bush nightly, and finding a billion ways of making him look stupid, inept, callow, cowardly, racist, miserly, aristocratic etc. their collective imaginations registered no signal. How amazing! A few of them actually went out of their way to point out that he was nearly a saint. And mocking him would be tantamount to unholy.

Which brings us to the question, is there any real actual comedy being made at this moment in history? Or just left-wing propaganda very thinly disguised as comedy?

I long ago gave up watching British TV 'comedy'. Not only is it anti-intellectual to the point of infantility, it is crashingly pro-communist, anti-religious and hedonistic. The butt of every joke is either a conservative, pro-lifer, Christian, businessperson or rich. One character in the TV show 'Harry Enfield and Friends' called Tory Boy didn't even bother to disguise its loathing with euphemism. Needless to 99.9% of the 'comedy' fraternity in Britain are hard left.

Perhaps that is why 'comedy' shows in Britain get such pitiful ratings. The only big draw on TV here now is Harry Hill, who happens to present completely non-political comedy. He is the last vestige of what used to dominate British comedy, music hall. Which while allowing itself the occasional topical joke never took partisan politics even remotely seriously. The 'New Comedy' was proud to wear its communism as a badge of pride. It accepted as agreed that Margaret Thatcher was Satan, and Michael Foot a misunderstood genius. So where is 'New Comedy' now? Most of them are living in huge mansions having dinner parties which they drive to in their Bentleys. I love communists.

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