Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I understand these morons!

Its always nice when a Democrat pundit spends a bit of time trying to understand the conservative morons.

'Obama can't do much about those who are against him because of his race. Even a 1 percent unemployment rate wouldn't change the minds most scarred by prejudice. But there is a second level of angry opposition to which Obama needs to pay more attention. It involves the genuine rage of those who felt displaced in our economy even before the great recession and who are now hurting even more.'


And not only is he taking his valuable time to think about the conservative brain-deads, he will even defend them from unfair criticism!

'The problem with status-anxiety theory is that it focuses on feelings and psychology, thus easily crossing into condescension. It implies that the victims of status anxiety should be doing a better job accepting their new situations and plays down the idea that they might have something real to be angry about.'

Because E J Dionne is not condescending at all. Nuh uh.

'No doubt some who despise Obama will see the judges in Norway as part of that latte-sipping crowd and will hold their esteem for the president against him. He can't do much about this. What he can do -- and perhaps then deserve the domestic equivalent of a peace prize -- is reach out to the angry white men with policies that address their grievances, and do so with an understanding that what matters to them is not status but simply a chance to make a decent living again.'

Or... you could actually listen to what the 'angry white men' are saying, and acknowledge that. Virtually none of the vituperation at town halls and tea parties has been denigration of 'latte-sipping elites'. 95% of it has been about spending too much taxpayer money on enormous government programs; growing the Federal government far beyond the size and scope intended by the founding fathers; and keeping an economy based on capitalism. But to know that, E J Dionne would actually have had to watch the recordings of what went on at the town halls and tea parties.

He is just as guilty as the rest of the Democrat punditocracy of misrepresenting the substance of the vast majority of anti-Obama-Policy opposition. But then given the performance of those same people over the last three years of the Bush presidency, it is hardly surprising. The hatred and disrespect they showed for John McCain, a dyed-in-the-wool centrist bipartisan candidate, during the election campaign tells me they should really be analyzing their own psychoses rather than trying to diagnose non-existent ones on the right.

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