Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mickey Kaus- all you need to know

'Suppose on October 25th, 2008 I'd discovered, without doubt, and with documentation, that Barack Obama cheated on his taxes. Would I publish it? Probably not. I think Bill Keller would publish it way before I would. Would Marty Peretz publish something true that had a high probability of leading to the destruction of the State of Israel?' [Hat Tip: Instapundit]

Perhaps, deep in Kaus's subsconscious, he has understood the relationship between the Birther conspiracy theory and the Truther conspiracy theory. Kaus replicates that equilavence almost perfectly. Like I said before, the first, if true, might jeopardize the career of one Chicago politician. The second, if true, would mean that the United States government was one of the more disgusting criminal organisations on the face of the planet.

If someone published a story about Obama not paying his taxes, it would jeopardize one mans career. If someone published a story that brought about the destruction of Israel, six million people would die. Yeah, Mickey, they're the same. Idiot.

But the rest of his arguments are if anything less convincing and lamer. We are expected to take these assertions at face value?: '...MSNBC and the NYT and are not neutral. They all have an agenda and they pursue it. But they are independent. The Obama White House can't tell Bill Keller what to do. They can't tell Keith Olbermann what to do. (They can suck up to him, and it will probably work, but that's a different issue.) Breitbart is for sure independent--I can't see anyone telling him what to do.'

I can't see anyone telling him what to do? Yeah, that's the same as nobody telling them what to do... Talk about seeing what you want to see. The presumption of independence is not even close to being independent.

If you followed the last nine months of the Obama campaign, there was a concerted effort by all the media organisations heavily populated by Democrats to suppress all stories about Obama which showed a) his past associations, b) his views on issues expressed when he could almost certainly be presumed to be giving his real views, c) and what his policies would be in power given his real views. Everybody in the world who is not a Democrat or a Democrat stooge can agree that as a consequence of those concerted actions, Obama won a large slice of the non-partisan independent votes in the US electorate. Since he took office and started governing, the independent voters who were lied to and who had the truth hidden from them can now see who and what Obama is. They have reversed their opinion of Obama by eighty percent at a conservative estimate. Obama came to power by the force of lies and dissembling. Lies and dissembling organised and executed by the people Mickey Kaus says are 'independent'.

If Kaus can point to one history-changing lying campaign that can be laid at Fox News door, let him tell us. Virtually all the 'lies' and 'smears' that Fox revealed during the Obama campaign have proven to be correct. In particular, the association of Obama with 'Reverend' Jeremiah Wright was supposed to indicate nothing whatsoever about Obama and his views of the world. And yet Obamas foreign policy must absolutely get the Jeremiah Wright seal-of-approval- leaving Israel out in the cold, chumming it up with Chavez and Ahmadinejad, apologising to the 'muslim world' for Americas war against them under the hated Bush- all straight out of the Wright playbook.

To finish two facts. First fact: At the most pivotal point in the 2008 election campaign, The New York Times ran a hit-job on McCain in which it accused him of having an affair with a striking blonde lobbyist. Proof? None. Completely unsubstantiated. Number of other news outlets that ran with the story? All of the Dem-dominated media.

Second fact: When Joe the Plumber asked Obama a perfectly reasonable question and Obama flubbed the response by telling the truth about his real views, the Dem-dominated news organisations went hell-bent-for-leather to destroy... Joe the Plumber. People are being prosecuted right now for abusing their access to databases trying to trawl up dirt on Joe the Plumber. For asking a question their guy couldn't answer...

Independent my arse.

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