Sunday, December 20, 2009

All Quiet on the World Disaster Front

'UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed a US-backed climate deal in Copenhagen as an "essential beginning".'

Huh? I thought the Kyoto 'Treaty' was the essential beginning? My antennae have been buzzing away since I noticed that within about an hour of the Copenhagen summit finishing, it wasn't the top story on the BBC website any more. That says to me pretty loudly that the result was an unmitigated disaster for the fanatical Warmmongers.

Whoever leaked those perfectly chosen emails, programs and files from CRU did so at the absolute perfect moment. For US, UK, EU and Chinese government ministers who needed a figleaf to blow up the Copenhagen summit, ClimateGate arrived like a beautifully timed chariot from heaven. 'You know, we would loooooooooovvveeeeee to sign up to your two trillion a year transfer-payment dealio, industry-destroying carbon taxes and limits, and world government extravaganza, but well, this thing with the emails indicates that the science needs another look-see. Can we take a rain-check?'

I bet you dollars to donuts (or indeed any other high-fat, high-carb, high-sugar snackable item) that no serious player ever signs up to these stupid carbon dioxide limits. It is not a couple of GDP percentage points at stake, it is the whole of our currently configured industrial societies. No sane politician is going to preside over a disaster on that scale. Not even the ham-fisted, amateur-night Obama White House.

You see, it is going to go very quiet now for a while...

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