Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Nice little developed country you got there. Shame if something were to happen to it...

'Ms Abreu agrees. "What we need is more resources - in terms of financial resources, the transference of technologies and building a national capacity to deal with the issues provoked by climate change," she said.

Mozambique is going to the Copenhagen climate summit next month to lobby for these things - as part of a united African delegation determined to win compensation for the damage caused by global warming.

"Developed countries have responsibilities," said Ms Abreu, "and we expect these countries to assume such responsibilities in Copenhagen."'


Yes, because shipping large quantities of cash to Africa has worked out so well over the last fifty years. The strain put on those poor Swiss Bank managers, struggling to find room for the mountains of dollar bills- your heart just goes out to them.

My favourite statistic about Mozambique- 183 days to incorporate a company. As opposed to 1 day in Britain. There is a good reason Mozambique has an enormous population of people who are doing absolutely nothing to help themselves, and a government determined to use other peoples money to prop up their regime- they've never had a government since independence that wasn't Socialist. And the usual set of enormously unhelpful socialist themes played out across Africa have been just as punitive in Mozambique. Culture of grievance and blackmail? Check. Culture of dependence on others to do the heavy lifting? Check. Anti-capitalist and anti-entrepreneurship? Check. Public life full of bullshit and bombast? Check.

Mozambique doesn't need real money for its fake global warming problems- it needs a swift kick up the arse, and a new political culture.

'Her opinion is echoed on the streets of Maputo. "The world is like a family," said Atanasio Muchanga, who lives near the sea just north of the capital, and has noticed the changing water levels.'

Using his amazing super-power of tidal analysis. The world is like a family, Atanasio, and you lot are the dole-scrounging loser branch. To paraphrase the old saying "Millions for defence, not a penny for global warming protection money".

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