Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Richard Black: Honorary Girl

'Why are virtually all climate "sceptics" men?'

'...Opinion poll evidence provides some clues. A recent survey across the EU found roughly equal levels of scepticism between the genders.'

'Conservation scientists, fox-hunters and their opponents, marine biologists, climate policy wonks, journalists, environmental economists, foresters... in all of these fields, gender equality pertains to a far, far greater degree than among climate sceptics.

If a rigorous deconstruction of flawed and politically-motivated science is at the bottom of climate scepticism, why aren't women getting it?'

'I'm out of ideas. What do you think it all means?'

Richard, can I suggest that next time you sit down to write, you use your last line first? And then stop writing?

Or you could just try 'Climate sceptics are stupid old farts in tweed jackets, who smell of mothballs and still live with their mums. They never get any sex, and all the people who are young and cool like me laugh at them.'

It is at least as scientific as your actual burblings, and has the merit of honesty, which your burblings do not.

Science is useful for its predictive power, among other things. And there are consequences in science too- if your hypothesis predicts something, and then the tests you employ to validate it don't, your hypothesis falls. In punditry, you can be wrong forever, and there is no price to pay. If global warming caused by mankind turns out to be bollocks, what will happen to Richard Black and his bitchy sneering?

Absolutely nothing. He will go on to the next target for his irrational ad hominems without a tremor.

It doesn't matter how many people believe anthropogenic warming is true. If it isn't true, it still won't be true. Group affirmations will not make it so. Sneerily bitching at the people who called it correctly will not make it so.

But it does tell you where a lot of the global warmmongers are psychologically. The true believers are already at the point of casting non-believers as stupid, evil, insane and/or corrupt. Can't be too long before the first lynching.

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