Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The special relationship is just fine, so relax

'Given the level of sacrifice by British troops, it was the most extraordinary and insulting oversight.
Had this been a one-off omission, it might have been overlooked as a careless mistake by a president preoccupied with trying to sell a difficult message to his own people. But it wasn't.
In all the speeches Obama has made since becoming President - indeed, in all the speeches he made when on the campaign trail, too - neither Britain nor the special relationship have merited a single mention.'

Obama sent back the bust of Churchill. In terms of symbolic gestures, that told me a great deal.

But I don't see anything much to get bent out of shape over. The special relationship isn't between Barack Obama and Gordon Brown, or between the US president and the British prime minister- it is between the American people and the British people. So who cares what Obama thinks of us? I certainly don't. Especially Americans in their armed forces know what a sterling contribution Britain has made to the wars against wahhabist islamism and Saddam Hussein. I value that vastly more than the opinion of one juvenile and incompetent chief executive.

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