Thursday, December 17, 2009

Get with the program, people

'In fact, this process has been so bad, the products it has produced so defective, and the potential ramifications so destructive that, if the president signs health-care legislation into law, he will — with the stroke of his pen — provide Republicans with a golden opportunity to return to power.'

It is salutary on occasion to note that human inclinations are not partisan-based.

Most of the legacy media are still talking about anthropogenic global warming as an unchallenged fact waaaaaaaaaay after that position is untenable.

And here we have Peter Wehner stating as if it were as natural as the sun coming up in the morning that a failure for the Democrats leads to success for the Republicans. Only two days ago, in what pollsters call a generic ballot, Tea Party candidates polled higher than Republicans. Consistently for the last four or five months, millions of disgruntled ex-Republicans have been looking to the Tea Party for the representation of their interests. Nowhere is it written in stone that a failing party gets an eternal lease of life.

For older folk who have never known a world that wasn't divided into Democrat and Republican, perhaps it will take longer for them to adjust to a changed reality.

All I can say is, it makes you look a teeny weeny bit dumb.

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