Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Anglican Church- not fit for purpose

'Shoplift advice sermon priest criticised

A priest who advised needy people to shoplift in certain circumstances has been criticised by a retailers' group.

Father Tim Jones, parish priest of St Lawrence and St Hilda in York, said stealing was a "better moral thing to do" than robbery or prostitution.'

'Father Jones said some people had little option but to turn to crime.'


Yes, it falls to retailers' group's now to correct idiot priests who don't even believe the Ten Commandments any more.

That is because the stupendous moron at the head of the Anglican church has much more important things to do, like handing over large chunks of his communion to the Catholics and tell us how we should learn to love Sharia law. Nothing as dull and plodding as those tatty 'Ten Commandments'.

Tim Jones, you incredible shit-for-brains, you might have noticed that in Britain we have this vast, all-encompassing welfare state. There is NO EXCUSE for anybody to turn to prostitution, robbery or stealing. They can just sit home and watch the money roll in. Unless they have a pressing need for large amounts of cash- say to fund some kind of addiction, dependency or other perversion, that is.

The Anglican Church disgusts me. When you can't even hold the line on the Ten Commandments you ought to be disbanded, have your assets sold off to REAL churches, and consigned to the dustbin of history.

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