Tuesday, December 08, 2009

islam a sham

"We have become the bogeyman of the world," said Amir Arain, spokesman for the Islamic Center of Nashville, the city's oldest mosque, founded in 1979. "Fringe fundamentalists they are talking about, that they think defines Islam, is only 1 to 2 percent, and we do agree that there is a problem. It's a very small quantity or small group of the whole Muslim ummah, or nation, that has somehow hijacked our faith.''

Well spotted, Amir!

It is just weird how people react to being bombed, having their heads hacked off and threatened constantly!

Just a small selection of countries which have been attacked unprovoked by muslims so far: United States, The Netherlands, Thailand, The Phillipines, Australia, Canada, France, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Nigeria, Argentina, Germany, pretty much every country in the Maghreb, India, China, Russia.

Trains blown up, cafes blown up, University cafeterias blown up, restaurants blown up, underground trains blown up, journalists heads hacked off, truck drivers heads hacked off, doctors and nurses shot, teachers shot, whole villages murdered en masse, schoolgirls heads hacked off, schools burned down, cars driven into college students, markets bombed over and over again, whole downtown areas turned into shooting galleries, planes flown into buildings full of businesspeople.

But yes, muslims are the victims. Absolutely.

For me, there are two points. Islam itself should not be called a religion- it barely passes muster as a morally defective cult. It is based on a really unpleasant, morally repugnant man. Most of the peoples who have become muslims had to because the alternative was societal exclusion, onerous taxation or death.

Second point, if any other religion had 'shock troops' throughout the world, murdering, threatening, plotting and spreading sedition, do you think it would get the unbelievable amount of slack that islame gets? We seem to have a special dispensation for murderous sham religions...

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