Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Big simple truths that don't go away

'The story of how this all came to pass is the story of my 2007 book. This country is "the only nation in the western world where the conservative party consistently wins the vote of the workingman," I wrote then. And we are living one explanation.'

Working class Americans understand the link between wealth and who creates their jobs. The truth which has been expunged by communism in most of the rest of the industrialised world (apart from Korea and Japan). They don't consider rich men and women their class enemies- they see them as great Americans. It takes a particular kind of myopia to not see this simple truth, and when forced to do so find it shocking.

As Glenn Beck oft repeats "I've never worked for a poor man yet". Interesting though many of the stats are in this article, the one I would like to see is this: in comparison to America, what is the employment rate of poor men in the rest of the industrialised world? And if they sent all the illegal mexicans home, just how brilliant would the US be for a poor man looking for a job?

I already linked to this video, but if you haven't watched it, watch it. The heavily unionised North Eastern states of the US have been vastly out-paced industrially by the much less unionised south and south west US. What people like David Paul Kuhn don't seem to get is that it is not some unfortunate occasional outlier result of Democrat policies that the North Eastern US is now a rusting dismal wasteland. It is a direct and predictable result of Democrat policies. According to my wife, even her part of the old-industry Soviet Union never got as bad as Detroit looks now. And certainly the murder rate wasn't that awful.

There are constant echoes in what I read and hear of the 'Atlas Shrugged' world. For people like me who held out America as the last best hope for capitalism and unfettered trade, these are very dismal times. Unfortunately, by the time the 'progressives' and 'liberals' figure out what they have achieved, it will be far too late to fix things.

The US Senate health care bill is about to be passed. The US is on the cusp of losing its inherent strengths, joining the vastly weakened, death-spiral europeans in statist hell. You call that progress?

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