Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stuck on stupid

'Policy has certainly not moved as fast or as far as many of us would like. But perhaps because I never shared the political fantasies about Obama in the first place, I don't feel let down, and I don't think other liberals should. No president was about to turn the country around on a dime -- the structure of our government doesn't allow it. And anyone who paid attention to what Obama said as a candidate about specific matters of policy would have realized he wasn't the lefty some imagined and others feared.'


I've just spent a harrowing half-hour reading the drivel on American Prospect. Harrowing because it is difficult to stomach article after article where virtually everything said is factually inaccurate, contradictory or debunked by actual world events.

Take for instance this article, telling 'progressives' (can there be a less accurate name for a group of people than this?) not to be downhearted about Obama, and that he has done as much as he can in the face of the vile inhuman reactionaries.

Try a little thought experiment. Think for a moment about the widely stated goals of 'progressives': vast trade union power; government running all important institutions; all the power and money in the hands of the lumpen proletariat; the destruction of the US constitution and replaced with some leftist politically correct version; the destruction by whatever means of the evil groups in society like Christians, people who own or run businesses, anyone who doesn't support abortion on demand etc. who are 'against people'; signing the US up to all the big internationalist organisations and limiting treaties; and the reduction of the US armed forces to a thousand guys with wooden sticks.

Lets imagine that the Fairy Godmother gave them all these things tomorrow. Would America be nirvana? Would it be the most 'progressful' place on the planet? Or would it be like North Korea, Cambodia, China, Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, East Germany when they all had the joy of being run by 'progressives'?

No, you're right, I'm sure it would be different this time. After all, the great hallmark of 'progressives' is the complete and absolute inability to learn anything from history.

UPDATE - http://www.pjtv.com/v/2876 Perfectly illustrates what I said.

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