Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I think exposing Global Warming as a scam probably serves as some justification...

'Though if "FOI" broke laws by hacking into a computer to access the information and then make it public, that's another matter. A lot of the same folk on the right who are so ardent about the rule of law when it comes to Chrysler bondholders or illegal immigration seem less bent out of shape by the tactics that may have been used to access these emails. They may wish to recall that lawbreaking is lawbreaking, even when it is done for what may seem like a desirable end of humiliating the climate-change alarmists.'

'Deep Throat', the man who supplied all the most useful information to break Watergate wide open, must have broken some laws when he divulged what he knew to newspapermen. At the very least, he would have broken secrecy laws which government employees who see sensitive documents in the course of their work have to sign. By the argument used above, lefties should revile him as a lawbreaker. Or is it only 'folks on the right' who believe laws should be obeyed?

I've been trying to think of a good parallel for the argument above and the best one I can think of is do you prosecute the man who busts a window to enter a burning house to wake up the sleeping occupants with breaking and entering? Only on MOONBAT ISLAND.

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