Sunday, December 20, 2009

How about doing your job properly?

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the White House, are a group of people who plan Obamas schedule. I don't KNOW this, but I assume it's true. And they seem to have an unfortunate tic.

This is to parachute their guy in for a few hours to very very important things, and then pop him right back out again. I think they think this telegraphs to people just how important and busy Barack Obama is.

Take this Climate shindig in Copenhagen. Tens of thousands of people have been there for many days, meeting and discussing and caucusing. And Barry shows up for the last day and a half. And signs a deal with five countries. Out of 193 that showed up. Presumably pissing off the other 188.

I do a little bit of 'putting stuff together' in my head. So lets see- this is the guy who handed off health care to the Pelosi/Reid axis, has been on more TV chat shows than I've had hot dinners, has not kept track of the stimulus money going out, who has spent more time playing golf in a year than W. did in four, who seems to have two days free to fly to Copenhagen to puff Chicago for the Olympics- but who doesn't have time to attend the whole Climate Change shindig. And his 'handlers' presumably want us to think that it's because he is just soooooooo overworked?

Is Barack Obama the laziest president the US has ever had? Or are his 'handlers' trying to sell us a vision of Obama as the lone cowboy in the White Hat who always rides in at the last moment to save everyone/thing?

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