Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Its not brain surgery to figure out why

'QUICK, HIDE THE DECLINE! Obama At New Low In Quinnipiac Survey, Underwater on Key Issues. “The downward decline has picked up speed, too. It may be hard to recall this, but just six- months ago, Obama had a 59% approval rating, with only 31% disapproving. Two months ago, he still had a 50/41 split. It’s worse among independents, though. . . . The combination of results from various pollsters shows that Obama has entered a free-fall on his approval ratings. Robert Gibbs can blame Gallup all he wants, but these results vindicate Gallup and show that his boss has a real problem. People have begun to realize that this emperor wears no clothes.”'

The amazing thing is, the one big warning balloon that was sent up by the Obama campaign during his run-in to election was that in his first year(s) as president, dastardly foreigners would 'test' his resolve. At the time I found these prognostications faintly rediculous, like something out a James Bond film. But absolutely nothing has happened.

Can you imagine if something big had occured during the last eleven months? Obama has done a terrible job and stunk the place up just trying to implement his agenda during a time of virtually no stress. Iraq is already won. Afghanistan needs work, but is definitely not an Iraq-scale problem. TARP was created and passed under Bush not Obama. He has had virtually nothing to do except implement his own policies- and yet look how he has fared!

He has paid absolutely no attention to the political fundamentals- don't spend zillions of dollars on boondoggles and vast government expansion when people are hard up and pretty much everybody knows at least one person who has been made unemployed. Don't go on world tours kissing the arses of communists, criminal gang leaders and terrorist-enablers. Don't piss on the heads of Americas traditional allies. Don't blame the last president for everything up to and including acts of God. Don't whine constantly about how badly you are treated by ONE TV station.

The man is a prat. Really.

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