Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another No Shit Sherlock moment

'...President Obama’s foreign policies reveal a clichéd vision of the world, consistent with anti-American stereotypes disseminated by the Soviet propaganda during the Cold War, which he may have absorbed in his formative years.

A radical departure from American values, this vision compels him to correct what he perceives as America’s “wrongs” by regressing to Cold War-era mythology...'

May have absorbed? May? Barack Obama is replete with a full set of the marxist bullet points spread around the world since the late forties by the Soviet Union and their running dogs in western europe. Those bullet points aren't meant to be history, or factual analysis, or reasoned punditry- they are the vicious lies of people engaged in what they believed was a no-holds-barred fight to the death.

If you want history, you can read it. Every single interesting episode of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (and even some in the twenty first) is written up in copious detail in history books if you actually care. George Clooney, Sean Penn and Barack Obama could have spent years reading up on twentieth century history until they could discern what was substantial fact and what was invented slander. But they didn't. They don't care. The marxist orthodoxy as encapsulated in the bullet points will do fine thanks! No need for all that boring reading!

American politics has always given a safe home to the style-heavy, content-lite politician. There was always a danger that one day a Barack Obama would come along. Someone who is not just superficial, but whose superficial learning was deeply inimical to the United States, its interests and its traditions. All I can say is, it is the solemn responsibility of every American to ensure that he does the least amount of damage in the next three years. And next time you vote for some tall dark stranger, make sure you do some elementary research on him.

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