Monday, August 24, 2009

Who cares if he's weak?

'Is Obama making tactical retreats to gain better position on these hard cases -- or is he, well, weak?

It is an odd question to ask about a man who tenaciously fought his way to the presidency against enormous odds, then dazzled the country and much of the world in his first six months in office.

But it is one inevitably raised by Obama's conciliatory manner, his appeals to sweet reason and high morality, and his soaring rhetorical promises when he has to adjust means, goals or both. And it will dog his presidency if he does not demonstrate quickly that he is as good at handling adversity as he has been at exploiting initial success.'

Hang on, hang on- 'tenaciously fought his way to the presidency against enormous odds' and then 'demonstrate quickly that he is as good at handling adversity as he has been at exploiting initial success'. I thought he already did the whole 'handling adversity' thing?

The trouble with the dem story of Obama is that it is full of godawful contradictions and logical nonsenses. Obama tenaciously fought his way to the Presidency against enormous odds? Really? Tenaciously fought against a Hillary Clinton forever associated in tens of millions of American minds with the dismal sexual shenanigans of her husband, and considered to be a cynical shrew by even more? Tenaciously fought against John McCain, a RINO who most conservative Republicans loathed? Tenaciously fought against a 2008 Republican party that couldn't find its arse with both hands? Tenaciously fought against a Republican party associated with the Iraq intervention, George W Bush and the Katrina 'disaster'?

The fact is, pretty much anybody who chewed with his mouth closed and didn't have sex with children was going to beat that lot. Think of it as the perfect storm in reverse- the perfect millpond. All Obama had to do was look sexy, talk in banal cliches, and not reveal his true characteristics. Which he did. And won. Despite being the least qualified, least ideologically appropriate candidate of all time. A decidedly centre right country has ended up with a far-left president, because he hid from the electorate that he was far-left until he got into the job.

Obama has been successful from the point of view of the far left: he has damaged the US economy enormously via cap and trade, he has enlarged the US government enormously via nationalisations of the banking and auto industries, he has damaged long-term prospects of the US dollar by printing absolutely vast numbers of dollars, he has tried to nationalise medical care and he has pretty much promised all round the world to Americas enemies that ITS ALL OUR FAULT. All of these things are in the far-left playbook- they want a weak, guilty, economically defunct, helpless United States. After all, everything evil and wrong in the world is because of the mere existence of the United States.

However, if you are a moderate voter in the mid-west, and you voted for this charming, beefy, well-educated, post-racial moderate black guy, the shock has been stupendous. They aren't asking if Obama is weak- its a non-sequitur question. What they want to know is, where is that Obama guy who came by my town last July, and gave that speech? Where the fuck is that guy???

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