Saturday, August 01, 2009

Let the punishment fit the crime

'Pictures of models, some of whom were partially-clothed, were taken inside and outside St Michael Penkivel Church near Truro.

Cornwall-based photographer Andy Craddock is the subject of legal action by the priest in charge for blasphemy...

Andrew Yates, the priest in charge of St Michael Penkivel, said in a statement: "No permission was ever sought by or given to Mr Craddock by the priest-in-charge or by the churchwardens for these photographs.

"I am deeply shocked that Mr Craddock could consider taking action that will inevitably cause great offence."'

As a punishment for this crime, this idiot must shoot all the same pictures in a mosque in Bradford. We all know that no Christian is going to do anything serious about this disgusting behaviour, but we know some people who will! Rusty sword time Craddock.


bas1977 said...

So what you're saying, is that you are just as backward as a muslimfundamentalist, only without the guts?

Edmund Ironside said...

Yes. Well, almost right. I have the same view of desecration of the Holy as a 'muslimfundamentalist', but a different one of the rule of law. 'Artists' who want the thrill of desecration, of being shocking, know this subtle difference which is why they do it in churches and not mosques.
I guess to you, people who are outraged and disgusted but still obey the law are cowards... hmmm. Doesn't sound like a very English attitude.