Monday, August 31, 2009

Guns at Town Hall meetings

I was just watching some feeble 'satire' on YouTube mocking 'right-wingers' (read: normal, average Americans) for shouting and bringing guns to town hall meetings. Strangely, they didn't mention anything from before about November of last year. I wonder why?

And then it struck me. Why is the 2nd Amendment of the US constitution, the right to bear arms, in the constitution at all? Why did the founding fathers of the United States feel that it was important for every citizen to own a gun and know how to use it? Well, its because they wanted the citizenry to have the capability to stand up to illegitimate over-mighty government; and if necessary remove that government if it became too over-mighty and illegitimate.

Going to a town-hall meeting with your gun is completely and entirely appropriate. It is a concrete message to congressmen and senators about the fundamentals of American government. It tells them who is actually in charge, and what will happen if congressmen and senators forget that they are congressmen and senators, and start to imagine that they are landed European aristocrats, or permanent communist commissars. Its not a subtle reminder of where power actually resides, but then subtlety does not seem to be the strong point of said congressmen and senators.

I would advise every person going to a town-hall meeting to pack something. Many of the guys at the town-hall meetings fought in one of Americas foreign wars and I'm sure they can still shoot straight. The sight of so many American citizens happy to take up arms against a democratic coup d'etat will be a bracing counterpoint to much of the driveling that has gone on on the Democrat side.

What Obama is doing in power is 180 degrees contrary to what he ran on. His real intentions, to socialise America, have only become apparent to the general population since his election. That is a democratic coup d'etat. That is a con foisted on unwary voters. If need be, violence will need to be resorted to. Obama needs to be made aware of that. It was with heavy hearts that the original American, the founders of the United States, rebelled against the British government; but it was with clear and steady minds. The exact same thing is true in 2009.

Less than 10% of the US population agrees with the Obama socialist agenda. But because of a lucky trick of the electoral cycles, he has about two years with absolute majorities in the Senate and the House of Representatives. He can almost certainly pass massively unpopular entitlements and 'gifts' of public largesse during that time that will politically be extremely hard to reverse once given. He can create unfunded entitlements that will go a long way to dragging the US into the same morass as most european nations.

Are Americans going to sit around and allow that to happen, twenty years after the Soviet Union, the great exemplar of those economically suicidal policies, ground to a dead stop?

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