Friday, August 07, 2009

Who are we dealing with here?

The White House, the congressional leaders and the left-wing legacy media are desperate to de-legitimize the surging wave of anti-single-payer anti-obama-health-reform Americans. It has tried a few narratives on for size already. First was: they are extremist proto-fascist Republican nutjobs who want a riot. Then it was: they are an astroturf renta-mob hired by the usual suspects in the health insurance industry to protect their cushy lifestyles. They now have a third narrative: these are the posh-dressed upper class twits who don't care if poor people die in the road, as long as their health insurance and tax rates don't go up.

Untold damage is being done at this very moment to not only the prospects of the democrat party in 2010, but in 2012 as well. Many of the Americans being serially insulted and mocked are the dedicatedly non-political third of the American population who NEVER get involved in partisan shenanigans. Well, not until the pathetic children running the country become just too arrogant and destructive, like now. What they are NOT used to is having their patriotism, ethics and good intentions questioned by pathological, cynical blowhards.

Many of the Tea Partiers are old. Indeed, many come from what in America is called the Greatest Generation, the one that fought world war II. Ask Imperial Japan- these are not people you want to piss off. Once angered, their vengeance is terrible and their memories long. In British terms, the Tea Partiers are the Womens Institute brigade, the stout yoemen of the local cricket club, the decent and hard-working backbone of the country. Why you would pick a fight with these people its hard to know, but they will not forgive nor forget.

Chicago rules only work when you have all the levers of power under your control. Thankfully Obama doesn't and never will. First and foremost, among the Tea Partiers are many, many people with kids in the armed forces. Pick a fight with mom and dad, and you'll get son and daughter into the bargain. President Obama may have the rockiest ride of any US president, and not because of racism...

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