Friday, August 14, 2009

What makes a foreigner foreign

'There's already plenty in the president's biography to make nativists anxious. He spent a chunk of his childhood in Indonesia. His father came from Kenya. When young Obama did live in the U.S., it was in Hawaii, the one American state that isn't actually a part of the Americas. If you don't conceive of the United States as a multicultural nation, the president's life is reason enough to consider the man metaphorically foreign. And if there's one thing conspiracy theories are good at, it's transmuting the metaphorical into the real.'

To be cool and modern and hip and 21st century, you have to believe in a set of absolute goods. One of them is multiculturalism. Monocultures BAD, multicultures GOOD. Of course, being uncool, unhip, and very much 19th century, I don't subscribe.

America is not a multicultural country, thank God. It is dominated by one culture, which provides all the norms and provides the foundation which has kept it highly functional for 230 years or so. Off in the corners, you got some kooks and weirdos and satanists and other flim flam. You also have the Mexicans and the Blacks, who brought their cultures with them, but they don't make America America.

If you want to see what a country would look like if it was dominated by African-American culture, visit Liberia or Haiti. Make sure you take a flak jacket and hire armed guards. If you want to see what a slowly collapsing marxist dystopia looks like, go to Mexico. They've had a one party state since about 1925, and boy it shows. The reason America looks and feels like America is because it is dominated by one culture- protestant Christian white culture. The founding fathers of the United States, the ones who wrote the best constitution so far written, were to a man protestant Christian white men. Sadly, they had no wise Latinas to tell them what was what, but they soldiered on.

The great currents eddying through American political life right now should worry all Americans. Public life in America is in the hands of people who go out of their way to mock and despise protestant Christian white America, and hold it to be the source of most of the evil on the planet. Standing the truth on its head like that is de rigeur for intellectuals and intellectuals who become politicians.

'If you don't conceive of the United States as a multicultural nation, the president's life is reason enough to consider the man metaphorically foreign.' That sentance made me laugh. You don't have to have any conceptions about the United States at all to consider Obama foreign. You just have to read his life story. And listen to how he talks. And pay attention to how estranged he is from average America. Hell, he comes across as foreign to me, and I'm foreign. Transmuting transshmuting- nobody needs to do any wizardry. Obama is a foreigner in the country he rules, and so is his wife, despite what their passports say.

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