Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can't wait for the huge demos over this

Amazing change of policy by the US government, one which I heartily endorse by the way.

'Kill or Capture' in Afghanistan

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Yes, the US military in Afghanistan are going to kill the Heroin kingpins. They are going to seek out these guys and pop a few caps in their booties.

Imagine, if you will, this happening under the George W. Bush administration. You would have been able to hear the screeching and gnashing of teeth on the moon. The ACLU would have sent their crack team, every lefty organisation would immediately make this their number one chant at their rage-fests, and all the big news channels would be berating the administration with the volume at eleven.

Weirdly, under the Obama administration, none of that stuff has happened. The same heroin meisters will die, by the same bullets, and with the same legal (or not) justification, but the response from the Great Champions of Human Rights won't even get up off the sofa.

Hilariously, the ding dong giving the low-down on this to the VERY-CONCERNED-LOOKING presenter has a dig at the Bush administration for not being VICIOUS ENOUGH! How is that for chutzpah?

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