Friday, August 14, 2009

Watch out! The one with the blue rinse has a .357

"It's certainly a scary time," said former FBI agent Brad Garrett, now an ABC News consultant. Garrett said the Secret Service "cannot afford to pass on anyone," and he believes "they really do fear that something could happen to [Obama]."

A country whose Presidents have suffered eighteen assassination attempts, four of which were successful, has every reason to fear another attempt. But the wonderful thing about this article is this sentance:

'Experts who track hate groups across the U.S. are growing increasingly concerned over violent rhetoric targeted at President Obama, especially as the debate over health care intensifies and a pattern of threats emerges.'

I have watched loads of YouTube videos on the Socialised Health Care town halls, and I have yet to hear a threat against Obama. Most people are focused solely on their representative, whether Senator, Congressman or local pol. The message, for those who want to listen, is that people are fed up with NO ONE listening. Obama is just a johnny-come-lately snazzy-pants who thinks way too much of himself. The objects of public scorn have been around since the sixties continuously in office. They are the permanent political class who KNOW BETTER.

But its just not grand enough, its just not melodramatic enough, its just not Jack Bauer enough to say 'Ernie Blimpman, representative for the 14th district, was today threatened by a little old lady who said she was going to skin him alive once her meds kicked in'. A bunch of people who have jobs and have never protested so much as a mis-placed stop sign in their lives, who don't want communism in America twenty years after it died in the USSR are being painted as a murderous Nazi gang by the very representatives they have elected to office. Up with that they will not put.

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