Sunday, August 30, 2009

Michael Steele: doing everybodies job but his own

'Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele opposes a government-run health care system, as do most members of his party. While most health care overhaul proposals assume big savings by reworking Medicare, Steele tells NPR's Steve Inskeep that Medicare needs to be protected and not cut in the name of health insurance reform.'

In British politics we have the concept of shadows. There is the Prime Minister, leader of the party with most members of parliament, and then there is the shadow Prime Minister (more commonly called Leader of the Opposition), leader of the party with the second-largest number of seats. As insurance against a sudden election, the shadow Prime Minister gets to see most of the same information from civil servants and the security services that the Prime Minister sees.

America doesn't have anything like that. There is no 'shadow President'. Strangely enough, Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele thinks he is! The Republican Party Chairman is the guy who is supposed to keep the Republican party ticking along, make sure it runs its campaigns properly, makes sure it does its fund-raising properly, makes sure it complies with the law and all that logistical stuff somebody has to do. For all the 20th century, most Americans would not have known who the Republican Party Chairman was, because he/she was doing dull logistical work.

So why is Michael Steele on TV every hour of every day doing interviews, and giving policy statements? Who cares what he thinks of how Obamacare is funded? Why isn't he doing the job he took on?

Not only that, but his views on everything are decidedly RINO. He apparently doesn't have a conservative bone in his body. Its time for the Republican party to get a Chairman. A real one.

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