Friday, August 14, 2009

Tactical lying

'RM3 Frisker FTN Says:
August 14th, 2009 at 12:08 am
URBAN LEGEND - Congress Exempt From Health Care Reform?

Start at pg 113, line 22 of SENATE version of the Health Care Reform Bill ( This starts to describe who is and is-not covered by health care reform. The term is “qualified individual”.

If you are NOT eligible for Federal employee health benefits, as described in US Code Title 5 Chapter 89, then Health Care Reform WILL apply to you.

If you ARE eligible for Federal employee health benefits, as described in US Code Title 5 Chapter 89, then Health Care Reform will NOT apply to you.

Who is eligible for Federal employee health benefits, as described in US Code Title 5 Chapter 89?

Time to read US Code Title 5 Chapter 89 …

For purposes of US Code Title 5 Chapter 89, members of Congress, political appointees, federal employees (obviously), and many others are eligible for Federal employee health benefits.

CONCLUSION: The Senate is attempting to exempt itself from Health Care Reform. Congress, Federal Employees, and other ‘chosen’ ones will get a different plan from the one that will be inflicted upon the rest of us.

SIDE-NOTE: When critiquing health care reform, please quote chapter & verse from the bill (House or Senate version, page #, line #). Otherwise, some absolutely ridiculous claims will be put into circulation, leading to ridicule and undermining the credibility of those honestly fighting against this awful attempt to destroy one of America’s most effective industries. When reading a critique, reference the actual bill to verify for yourself it is an honest critique rather than a bogus critique.'

This has probably been written up in many books on liberals/lefties, so I'll keep this short. It has come to my attention many times in the last couple of weeks that liberals/lefties launch the accusation that their opponents are lying. Over and over again, a generic accusation is made that those who oppose health care nationalisation are lying. I specifically say 'generic', because 99.9% of the time, no specific lie is evidenced. No rebuttal is made to a specific 'lie' at any point.

The person above is being extremely specific. He/she is taking on a particular debating point, and showing evidence of proof. That's what a good debater does. That's what an honest debater does.

So, what is the purpose of this constant barrage of generic accusations of lying? It appears to be a tactic. If people who are only vaguely following the debate (that covers very large numbers of people) hear both sides accusing the other of lying, they will assume that both probably are. They are not going to pick up on the fact that one side are making rebuttals like the one above, and that the other can't do that because the generic accusations of lying are themselves lies.

These are classic communist tactics. There is no need to be right- it is perfectly sufficient to confuse and complicate the debate while getting on with executing your policy. The mistake is to believe that the debate is in any way honest, and that its purpose is one of discovery of facts.

Liberal/lefty politics does not need the general population to be aware of the facts- indeed, that is the worst possible outcome. Look at the 'global warming' debate. Those presenting contrary facts are ripped into with accusations of 'denialism'. The only way that the left can enact the enormous systemic changes, like Cap-and-Trade, is to make sure that no real debate takes place. Cap-and-Trade was passed with virtually NO public debate whatsoever. The only reason the health care socialisation legislation is not already law is the unfortunate (for lefties) timing of the summer recess. They would dearly have loved for it to pass with no debate.

The vicious, vitriolic anger on the part of lefties about the current health care debate is because they didn't want to have it. And now that it's happening, their only refuge is to constantly screech 'you're lying!'.

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