Friday, August 14, 2009

Thatcherism is eccentric according to genius Conservative leader

'Health Secretary Andy Burnham has accused a Tory MEP who attacked the NHS on American TV of being "unpatriotic".
Labour has stepped up its criticism of Daniel Hannan, with John Prescott recording a YouTube message to the American people defending the NHS.
Tory leader David Cameron has insisted the NHS is his "number one priority" and dismissed Mr Hannan as "eccentric".'

The reason Britain is not a shambolic bankrupt ruin is because of Thatcherism. But now, in an interesting turn of events, the British Conservative Party have endorsed socialism, the absolute antithesis of Thatcherism. There is absolutely no reason why government should provide health care, just as there is no reason why it should run car factories, steel mills, coal mines, the phone company and the million other things the British government used to run extremely badly. The only people who say the government should run those things are socialists, and they have an ulterior motive.

If a demonstration were needed of how left-wing Britain has become, it is this pitiful capitulation. Essentially, the Conservative party has become just another lefty mush-fest. The newspaper of the Conservative party, the Daily Telegraph, has done the same thing. It is now pro all the things that twenty years ago all the things it was against.

I have to get away from this place. Willfully dedicating yourself to poverty and irrelavance is not my bag.

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