Monday, August 10, 2009

Forget your stupid facts, believe our lies!!!

'How could the left possibly be losing the debate on health-care reform when its opponent is the roundly loathed health insurance industry -- an ongoing criminal syndicate, in my view, that demands protection money from sick people?

It's because the insurance industry's demagoguery is better and smarter than the reformists' demagoguery. This is a gunfight to which the reform agenda has brought a dull spoon.'

See, its not about the enormous mountain of debt the US government already owes people, its not about taking another huge chunk of the private sector into public ownership, its not about the easily detectable lies being peddled by the President of the United States because he thinks ordinary people are stoopid- no no.

Its about words.

Who can say the prettiest words with the right inflections so other people actually think those words are true. Who can shape the most elegant, eloquent lies.

How revealing, in the worst possible way.

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