Monday, August 31, 2009

BBC: getting crappier by the day

'The bodies of 30 suspected militants have been found in Pakistan's Swat valley, local people say.
The bodies all have gunshot wounds and local residents say they are believed to be of militants from Bajnot and other areas near the town of Mingora.
Corpses began appearing several weeks ago and more than 150 have been found in the region over the past month.
Security forces deny carrying out extra-judicial killings as part of their anti-Taliban offensive.'

Er, what now? Extra-judicial killings? On a battlefield? The laws of war state that armed combatants found on the battlefield with no uniform nor insignia are liable for summary execution. These are perfectly judicial killings. How stupid do the BBC think we are?

Obviously, the BBC flatheads like the Taliban, they are ideologically opposed to the people killing the Taliban, but a simple fact is a simple fact. The laws of war are intended to protect innocent populations from one of the worst aspects of war, by allowing combatants to easily identify who is a combatant and who isn't. A bullet to the back of the head is what the Taliban are due, according to those laws. Does the BBC have a lawyer to hand who would like to contest that? Yeah, thought not.

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