Saturday, August 01, 2009

Conservative party principles

From a Conservative Party email:

'This is not the Iraq Inquiry the nation wanted

William Hague has warned that the Iraq War Inquiry announced this week by Sir John Chilcot will not be "the inquiry that the nation wanted to see".

The Shadow Foreign Secretary condemned the "worrying new caveat" that sessions will be held in private not just when national security is concerned, but also when there is a need for candour.

He stressed, "If there are difficult truths to be told they should be told in the light of day, not behind closed doors."'

Can you say unprincipled shit-for-brains?

The Conservative Party were FOR THE WAR IN IRAQ. They voted for it on all possible occasions. They supported Tony Blair against his own party. If there are difficult truths to be told, how about 'you supported the war on all occasions'? Is that a difficult one for you to own up to?

The people who want an inquiry into the war have already made up their minds what its conclusions will be. Their stiflingly limited knowledge of history, their laserlike focus on a few trivial details and their cold war-hangover hatred of Britain and the United States mean that for them an inquiry is simply a formality to rubber-stamp their opinions. How dare the United States and Britain squash an enemy like an over-ripe grape? How dare they stride manfully about the world exerting power? They should be grovelling like frightened girls in the dirt, apologising for their very existence, like Obama and Hillary do.

The educated, knowledgeable, moral part of the nation which supported the war never needed an enquiry. What would it enquire into? Why spend the money? We know why the war was fought. We needed to conclude business unfinished by 'realists' Clown Colin Powell and G H W Bush. The Iraqis needed someone in charge of thier strategically pivotal nation who wasn't an aggressive psychopath. See how easy that is to explain David/William/Oliver?

So why all this pathetic half-assed pretending that you are actually principled critics of the Iraq intervention? When are we going to be governed by grown-ups?

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