Monday, August 24, 2009

Truthiness about Honduras

'Mr Zelaya has been in exile since 28 June when he was forced from office amid a power struggle over his proposals for a public consultation on constitutional change.
His critics said the move was aimed at removing the current one-term limit on serving as president and paving the way for his re-election.'

See now, the words 'power struggle' denote two power-hungry individuals or groups fighting equally illigitimately for power outside the bounds of constitutionality and legality. Julius Ceasar vs Pompey = power struggle.

Manuel Zelaya against the Honduran constitution, Supreme Court, Army, Congress and mass of the population = not a power struggle. 'His critics'? The Supreme Court, Congress, Army and mass of the population you mean?

See how the BBC does that? If Manuel Zelaya had been a rip-snorting anti-communist capitalist right-winger, desperately trying to make himself Presidente por Viva, how would these articles be written? Can you imagine the outrage of the little pipsqueaks who write the BBC website? 'Crazed Fascist tries to change constitution to create a Horrific FASCIST DICTATORSHIP!!!! For life!!!! Keel heeeem!!!'

They still can't bring themselves to actually recount the events of Zelayas last few months in office- in particular the whole getting his illegal ballot papers printed in Venezuela by his leftie mentor business. Oh well, thanks again BBC for your commitment to Truth truthiness.

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