Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NOW you ask...

'Who Is This Guy?

Dan Froomkin re-emerges at the HuffPo and asks the same question about Barack Obama that failed to resonate during the campaign - who is this guy?

"We're finally going to get to know the real President Obama.

Once the final outlines of health-care legislation become clear, we'll know what really matters to him. Where he draws the line. How he wields the levers of power. Whose ox he gores when there's goring that has to be done.

We'll know who's really in charge.

What's amazing is that more than six months into a presidency that Obama vowed would be the most transparent in history, we still know so little about some basic things like how he makes up his mind and who influences him the most."

We are quite a bit past the "Let's elect him and find out" part of the getting-to-know-you process.'

You gotta say uh huh to that... 'we still know so little about some basic things like how he makes up his mind and who influences him the most'. All of the things that come into my mind to say about that are extremely caustic and bitter. What role are journalists supposed to play in our society again? Just how many of the mantras repeated by Obama at his Nuremburg-like rallies were straightforward lies? Just how fake does a faker have to be before tens of millions of Americans can actually detect his fakeness?

From the same blog post:

'Dorothy Rabinowitz of the WSJ alludes to and reverses the "Who is this guy" mystery of Barack in her piece on the health care debate - in her view, Americans are also a puzzle to Barack:

"The president has a problem. For, despite a great election victory, Mr. Obama, it becomes ever clearer, knows little about Americans. He knows the crowds—he is at home with those. He is a stranger to the country’s heart and character.


Who would have believed that this politician celebrated, above all, for his eloquence and capacity to connect with voters would end up as president proving so profoundly tone deaf? A great many people is the answer—the same who listened to those speeches of his during the campaign, searching for their meaning.

It took this battle over health care to reveal the bloom coming off this rose, but that was coming. It began with the spectacle of the president, impelled to go abroad to apologize for his nation—repeatedly. It is not, in the end, the demonstrators in those town-hall meetings or the agitations of his political enemies that Mr. Obama should fear. It is the judgment of those Americans who have been sitting quietly in their homes, listening to him."'

Barack Obama doesn't understand the American people? Why would he? He is basically a foreigner, thats why. His father was African. He grew up outside the US and even when he did live in the US, he lived in Hawaii, which most people would probably say is spiritually STILL outside the US. Certainly native Hawaiians think so. Many Hawaiians are militantly anti-American. Its more like a much larger Berkeley, CA than say Iowa. Obama has hung out his whole life with people who hate America. His wifes church sizzles and pops with hatred against whitey and his many evils. He went there for twenty years and never noticed (apparently) how much of the time was spent making up hare-brained conspiracy theories against white America.

The most vital questions to me are, how could he possibly be expected, with a background like that, to have any insight or knowledge whatsoever of mainstream American life and politics? And given that, who in their right mind would vote the guy into the highest office in American life?

The piece ends:
'Interesting. Still, Bill Clinton also whiffed on health care, yet no list of his failings included a non-understanding of the Great Unwashed (We were his people!).'

A point I have made before. Nobody ever challenged Bill Clintons spiritual, cultural and racial resonance with the people he governed. For all his many failings and weaknesses, he never lost his popularity with the great mass of Americans. And that was because although many disagreed with particular ideas of his, he was still one of them. Obama is a fake. He is not one of the people. He is a foreigner, in mind and in fact.

I watched him yesterday speaking at a rally for State Senator Creigh Deeds. The hackneyed, cliched rubbish he was talking seemed aimed at retards with a mental age of about seven. I'm pretty sure that is his mental image of the American people- retards who he can tell pretty much anything and they'll just suck it up without question or murmur. He has some justification for viewing Americans as he does- after all, they believed all his nonsense for eighteen months on the campaign trail. But disdaining your supposed countrymen comes at a very high cost. As Obama will discover.

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