Friday, August 07, 2009

The Beast has awoken

This is a very telling video. Watch in particular the guy who talks very simply but effectively from around the six minute mark. Obama has awoken the great white non-political slumbering giant.

Its amazing to watch the sad ninnies who try to corral the meeting as they talk down to the people they consider uninteresting cannon-fodder. The pathetic bitch who takes away the microphone in a vain attempt to stop the meeting from continuing without her permission is straight from central casting.

In a recent post, I called the straight-jacketing of American political life the victory of the school-marm over the working stiff. What the school-marms never expected was that one day, the working stiffs might rouse themselves from their somnolence and re-take the field of battle. Look at their response to Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin and now the Tea Partiers- they don't know how to react, they don't have a plan for this. Nothing in their play-book tells them how to cope with PEOPLE FIGHTING BACK. Especially when they take the gloves off and fight back using the same tactics the left thinks are their intellectual property.

When the Dems want people screeching, swearing, getting in peoples faces and smashing things up, then screeching, swearing and violence are good. When the Dems want people sitting like obedient sheep and baaaing in unison, sitting and baaaing are good. But should you have the temerity to screech and swear when they don't want, you are a traitor destroying the very fabric of civilised politics. Even if you don't screech and swear, but forbear to baa in unison, you are STILL a traitor destroying the very fabric of civilised politics. For the very foundation-stone of the liberal is, do what I say, don't do what I do.

Obama is in a steep nose-dive. And he is being ably aided and abetted by the young, arrogant idiots at this AARP meeting.

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