Monday, August 24, 2009

Mixing ice cream and dog poop

Famously, Mark Steyn said of the United Nations that it was like mixing ice cream and dog shit- the result was always going to be more like the latter than the former.

So, with its enormous influx of ignorant Mexicans, are the Mexicans becoming Californian, or is California becoming more like Mexico?

Yep. The obvious one. When twenty million immigrants enter your state, they don't just transform into stoner dudes, pretty starlets and hard-bitten businessmen overnight. In fact, they don't ever transform into them. When twenty million Mexicans come to your state AT THE SAME TIME, they remain exactly what they are- ignorant Mexican peasants. And your state becomes part of Mexico, with all the attendant joys and successes of that nation...

In Britain, we had a huge influx of pig-ignorant pakistani hillbillies, and now parts of England resemble pakistan. Yay.

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